What Is This Site About?

The Garden State Hub is a private social network for New Jersey voters that will facilitate collaboration and mobilization for users and provide news and information relevant to citizen activists for all members. Here you can request to start a group which you can use to connect with your members in an environment not controlled by Silicon Valley elites who favor only one political perspective and, if you are an individual member, you can find groups to join or meet activists in your area. In addition to member groups, the site itself will feature LOCAL groups for all citizen activists in your area, we will have groups for the three major regions of New Jersey (North, Central, and South), for the Congressional Districts, and for every County. These groups will be set up as we grow our members. 

We welcome a wide range of activists from the center-right to libertarians who wish to have their own groups on this site. Our forums will offer a place for civil discussion and an exchange of ideas. Through your Blogs, which you can choose to make public or not, we offer you a platform to reach out the greater world. You can also invite people to join your group, if you create one. 

This is a private social network. We are not an organization or entity ourselves. simply a hub for individuals and organizations from the center-right to libertarian perspective who can use it to mobilize for citizen activism. 

The progressive left has plenty or resources and space devoted to their activism. We who are not part of the hard left need and deserve our own space to gather, connect, and mobilize. Using this platform you can find opportunities for activism or promote your own cause, issue, campaign, or organization. 

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